About us

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the University of Zambia is a significant knowledge centre that is dedicated to the implementation of education, research and outreach programs in the areas of Food Science, Food Technology and Human Nutrition. The department is well vested in various disciplines and has the capacity to provide students with necessary skills, knowledge and morals in fields of Food Science & Technology and Human Nutrition. It has become a preferred partner with Food Industries, NGOs and Government Research Institutions because of its competence in laboratory scrutiny to ensure food security, food safety and quality. This has in many ways contributed to the production of quality and safety products which are acceptable to end users on both local and international markets.

The department has two concentrations at undergraduate level. The first one leading to the Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology and the second leading to the Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition.

What kind of jobs are available for FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY graduates?

Graduate can find employment in the food industry, government ministries (Health, Agriculture, Water and Energy, Local government and Commerce), NGOs dealing with food security (FAO, World Food Program, World vision, etc.), banks, government agencies (Zambia Bureau of Standards, Zambia Competition Commission, Science and Technology Council, Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), and research institutions/academia.

Currently, all our previous Food Science & Technology graduates are already employed as:

  • Quality control officers/Managers - Food industry – Zambeef, Zambia Sugar, etc.
  • Plant Managers - Food Industry – Zambian Breweries, Pepsi, etc.
  • Standards Officers - Zambia Bureau of Standards
  • Lecturers - UNZA, NRDC
  • Scientific Officers – NISIR
  • Project Appraisal Officers/Managers – Various banks
  • Nutritionists - Government hospitals and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
  • Food Safety Inspectors – Zambia Bureau of Standards
  • Public health Officers – Ministry of Local Government
  • Nutritionists and Food security officers/Managers – World Vision
  • Principal Analysts – Food and Drug Laboratory – Ministry of Health
  • Food Technologists – USAID food security funded projects
  • Research Associates – International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

What kind of jobs are available for HUMAN NUTRITION graduates?

Graduate can find employment in:

  • Hospitals and other health facilities
  • Government Ministries (Health, Agriculture, Education, Community Development Mother & Child Health etc)
  • NGOs (FAO, World Food Program, World Vision, Unicef, etc)
  • Research Institutions/Academia
  • Food Industry
  • Health Promotion
  • Advocacy